Principal Allison Travers
Assistant Principal Elena Savino
Religious Education Coordinator Amy Cogger
Newman Gifted and Talented Coordinator Allison Travers
Newman Gifted and Talented Coordinator Caitriona Fenton
Kindergarten Teacher Michelle Mechreki
Year 1 Teacher Caitriona Fenton
Year 2 Teacher Monique Hutcheson
Year 3 Teachers

Amy Cogger

Suella Musarra

Year 4 Teacher Reyabel Villanueva
Stage 3 Teacher Artima Thongthip
Reading Recovery and Diverse Learning Teacher Antonella Russo
Family Educator Leonie Duck
Creative and Practical Arts Suella Musarra
Physical Education Teacher Claire Lennox
Learning Support Officer Anna Tiano
Senior School Support Officer Christina Fitzsimmons
Office Assistant Domenica Losurdo